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Chapel Sessions: Strung

Chapel Sessions: Strung

With Maria Ryan (violin, voice), Lucia Mac Partlin (violin), Seán Warren (cello), Aonghus McCarthy (piano)

Strung are a contemporary Irish music ensemble based in Cork who combine vocals with violin, cello and piano. Their classical training at Cork School of Music allows them to subtly integrate complex harmonies and innovative motifs while staying true to the deep-rooted authenticity of traditional Irish melodies. Strung’s sound radiates with originality and understated energy. This evening, it will fill the chapel as they play captivating pieces from their first album recorded in 2016.

“Strung is a group whose star is on the ascent, and will no doubt take their rightful place as one of the great contemporary Irish bands in the years ahead.”
(Eamonn de Barra)

“Symphonic grace and contemporary brilliance alongside a sound that can only come from a deep knowledge of the Irish tradition.”

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