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In partnership with Quotidian

Poetry Jukebox

  • 2 February - 10 April
    14 April - 24 July
    'Star Gazing'
  • Mon-Sun: 2pm-6pm
    Wed: 2pm-8pm
  • Admission free, in the courtyard

In English and Irish

Installed in CCI’s courtyard since January 2020, the Poetry Jukebox reads poems related to our cultural programme. Commissioned by Quotidian, Poetry Ireland and the CCI, the first selection of poems for 2022, 'Ambiguities', marks the centenary of Ireland being partitioned between north and south.

One hundred years on from the partitioning of Ireland, twenty contemporary poets have been asked to project a vision for the troubled place of Northern Ireland one hundred years into the future. In doing so, they follow a noble and ancient tradition that can be traced back to the Bards of the ancient courts, where poets were revered, feared even, as prophets and tellers of truth. A crucial role that still exists for our poets is to speak the truth to power.

These poems express the contradictory, often ambiguous, versions of ‘the truth’ or ‘the narrative’ that live cheek by jowl, firmly held, oppositional, adamantly defended. The cohort of poets includes established writers and new voices, a mix of identity, age and gender, poets from the north of Ireland and the Republic, people living here whose country of origin is other, as well as those who have left and are watching from afar.

The second selection in the Spring, 'Star Gazing', is curated by poets Iggy McGovern and Maria McManus and connects us with the phenomenon of night sky, from constellations to comets, from stardust to space shuttles, from Dark Matter to Darth Vader, from Black Holes to Mission Control...