Terms and Conditions of Short Term Stay

Persons who reside at the Centre Culturel Irlandais (CCI) are bound by, and are deemed to have accepted, the following conditions:

  1. To abide by all fire, safety, hygiene, security and other regulations of the CCI. You are obliged to read the security notices that outline the formal security provisions for the CCI, which are located in common areas, the stairwells and ground floor.
  2. To keep bedrooms locked and to keep room-access cards with them at all times.
    The lending of room-access cards to other residents or non-residents is not permitted. Management cannot be held responsible for theft or damage to personal belongings. Loss of access cards should be reported to management immediately. Cards will be replaced at the resident’s expense.
  3. Not to use cooking utensils in bedrooms.  Cooking is only permitted in the designated kitchen areas on the 2nd & 3rd floors between 6 am – 11 pm. The alarm system is very sensitive. Food should not be left cooking unsupervised; in case of smoke you may set off the alarm.
  4. Not to smoke on the premises; the CCI is a non-smoking building.
  5. Not to keep a dog, cat or any other animal in their room.
  6. Not to store, keep, or use drugs or unlawful substances or materials in the rooms or elsewhere on the premises.
  7. It is forbidden to lean on or over windows or on stair rails, or to access in any way the awnings around the outside courtyard gallery in any circumstances. Residents are asked not to place objects on exterior window ledges or to hang clothing from windows.
  8. No luggage or any other object should be placed in the corridors or in the stairwells.
  9. Not to interfere with or overload electrical appliances in the rooms.  The use of gas stoves is strictly forbidden. The following appliances may be used in bedrooms: hi-fi, telephone, computer, hair dryers, irons and kettles.
  10. Residents can use the laundry facilities provided on the 2nd floor between the hours of 6.00 am – midnight daily.  They are expected to supervise their laundry.  The washing of clothes is confined to this area only.
  11. In the interests of health and safety, the management reserves the right to enter residents’ rooms at any time, subject to reasonable notice being given to residents except in case of clear emergency.
  12. No children under the age of eighteen are accepted at the CCI.

Short-term / Summer application form →
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