The Centre CultureI Irlandais and the Fondation Irlandaise, its governing body, have created two biannual awards to support Franco-Irish cultural relations : the Prix de Thèse and Prix de Traduction awards

Prix de thèse

Established in 2013 by the Fondation Irlandaise, Centre CultureI Irlandais’ ruling body, this award of €3,000 is intended to help the beneficiary to publish their work and bring it to a wide audience.

Theses concerned by the Prix
Next Prix de Thèse: 2021
Theses in French and presented in a French university between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2020.
Current terms and conditions available here 

How to submit a thesis for the Prix
Send two printed copies and a digital version of the thesis together with two copies of the C.V. of the author and two copies of the “rapport de thèse” to Centre Culturel Irlandais, 5 rue des Irlandais, 75005 Paris
Next deadline: 31 March 2021
For all other enquiries, please contact: or 00 33 1 58 52 10 30

Previous Recipients
Prix de thèse 2019 : Pierre-Louis Coudray, Université de Lille 3 Charles de Gaulle, « Mourir à la guerre, survivre à la paix : les militaires irlandais au service de la France au XVIIIe siècle, une reconstruction historique »; supervised by Catherine Denys and Catherine Maignant

Prix de thèse 2017 : Marion Naugrette-Fournier, Université Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle, "Pour une nouvelle histoire des objets : réévaluation, classement et recyclage dans l’œuvre de Derek Mahon"; supervised by Carle Bonafous-Murat

Prix de thèse 2015 : Emmanuel Destenay, Université Paris IV - Sorbonne, "Expériences de guerre et retours à la vie civile des combattants irlandais, 1914-1928", supervised by Olivier Forcade and Philippe Nivet

Prix de thèse 2013 : Lison Ducastelle, Université Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle, "L’IRA de la violence armée au désarmement (1969-2005) : enjeux, symboles et mécanismes", supervised by Valérie Peyronel

The theses from 2013 and 2015 can be consulted at the Médiathèque on request.


Prix de traduction

Established in 2019, the « Prix de traduction » was created by the Centre Culturel Irlandais for the promotion of Irish literature in the French language.

The « Prix de traduction » aims to support the translation of works of fiction by Irish authors who are as yet unknown in France.

The prize of €3,500 is awarded to the translator. Only first translations published in the two years prior to application can be entered for the prize.

Jury members:

-Clíona Ní Ríordáin, President
University Professor and Director of the Irish Studies Research Group at University of Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3. Translator and specialist in literary translation.

-Sinéad Mac Aodha, Vice-President
Director of Literature Ireland

-Frédérique Roussel
Journalist at Libération

-Mona de Pracontal
Translator and Recipient of the Prix de Traduction 2019

-Martine Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère
Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the Université de Lausanne (Switzerland)

Closing date for applications: 31 March 2021

Full terms and conditions of the prize are available here.

The Prix de traduction is co-funded by Literature Ireland.

Prix de Traduction 2019 : Mme Mona de Pracontal, translator of 'Nothing on earth' (Rien d’autre sur Terre) by Conor O’Callaghan, Editions Sabine Wespieser