The Centre CultureI Irlandais and the Fondation Irlandaise, its governing body, have created two biannual awards to support Franco-Irish cultural relations : the Prix de Thèse and Prix de Traduction awards

Prix de thèse

Established in 2013 by the Fondation Irlandaise, Centre CultureI Irlandais’ ruling body, this award of €3,000 is intended to help the beneficiary to publish their work and bring it to a wide audience.

Theses concerned by the Prix
Next Prix de Thèse: 2019
Theses in French and presented in a French university between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2018. Terms and conditions available here 

How to submit a thesis for the Prix
Send two printed copies and a digital version of the thesis together with two copies of the C.V. of the author and two copies of the “rapport de thèse” to Centre Culturel Irlandais, 5 rue des Irlandais, 75005 Paris
Next deadline: 31st March 2019
For all other enquiries, please contact: or 00 33 1 58 52 10 33

Previous Recipients
Prix de thèse 2013 : Lison Ducastelle, Université Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle, "L’IRA de la violence armée au désarmement (1969-2005) : enjeux, symboles et mécanismes", supervised by Valérie Peyronel

Prix de thèse 2015 : Emmanuel Destenay, Université Paris IV - Sorbonne, "Expériences de guerre et retours à la vie civile des combattants irlandais, 1914-1928", supervised by Olivier Forcade and Philippe Nivet

Prix de thèse 2017 : Marion Naugrette-Fournier, Université Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle, "Pour une nouvelle histoire des objets : réévaluation, classement et recyclage dans l’œuvre de Derek Mahon"; supervised by Carle Bonafous-Murat

The theses from 2013 and 2015 can be consulted at the Médiathèque on request.


Prix de Traduction

The Centre Culturel Irlandais is delighted to announce the creation of a « Prix de traduction » for the promotion of Irish literature.

This Prize aims to support the translation of works by Irish authors that are not yet known in France. It rewards the first translation into French of a particular Irish author.

The Prize worth 3500€ goes directly to the translator.

Only first translations published in the two years prior to application can be entered for the Prize.

Closing date for applications : 31 March 2019

Full terms and conditions of the prize are available here.

With the support of Literature Ireland.