21st Century Classics


Born in Belfast, Michael Bell is a self-taught furniture maker. Together with his American design partner, Susan Zelouf, he creates sleek contemporary pieces inspired by elements from Ireland’s landscape and mythology, with references to 20th century design history. zelouf+BELL’s work is in private collections, public offices, embassies, museums and churches from Dublin to Dubai, Brussels to Berlin, Los Angeles to Luxembourg.
Artists' website: http://zeloufandbell.com

Organised in part as a response to the Eileen Gray show at the Centre Pompidou, this exhibition of some of zelouf+BELL’s best pieces features work directly inspired by the iconic Irish designer.
More information: http://www.centrepompidou.fr

Curated by Jennifer Goff, National Museum of Ireland

Topo image : Gazelle desk
Bottom image : Eileen Gray