Véro 1ère, Reine d’Angleterre

Véro 1ère, Reine d’Angleterre

Written by Gabor Rassov
Directed by Philippe Nicolle

CCI is delighted to welcome the Festival Paris l’été back to our courtyard. This Parisian summer festival has been attracting audiences to strange and wonderful venues around the capital for thirty years.

This year, one of France’s last surviving fairground theatre companies regales us with the extraordinary story of Véronique. She didn’t even imagine she’d make it to the top of the supermarket team and now finds herself propelled into the role of… Queen of England! This hilarious 19th-century style melodrama revels in the use of caricature, grandiloquence and improbable twists to recount a modern-day fable. Presented by the “collectif des 26000 couverts”.

Full details of Festival Paris l’été (12 July-3 August): www.parislete.fr

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