Artist Ian Joyce and Cló Ceardlann na gCnoc invited international curator Miroslava Hajek to work on ÚR, an international project of contemporary art from the Gaeltacht area in the west of Ireland.

This exhibition translates into visual form the immense richness of images which figure in the Gaelic language and writing. Ireland, a small country and an island, is considered one of the remaining buttresses of an ancient Celtic inheritance which has left its traces all over Europe.

In ÚR, the contemporary Visual Art of that ancient culture is examined.  Its first quality is represented by the sonorous aspect: the musicality of a poem can be found in the works represented here.  The relationship to writing, its signs and themes is another peculiarity of Irish contemporary art.  In this selection there are representative approaches which treat this characteristic in an innovative manner. Another quality is the visual character: the image is confronted directly with writing in such a way that the images emerge like evanescent overlaps or like evocations of described visions.  Celtic character continues to enrich the spirit of our age with components of mystery, ambiguity, in reaction to transparency: the visual distortions and reflections related to a rapport with nature, as true and living.

All of these trends are present in the works of the selected artists: they express the Gaelic spirit, tracing out an identity and a modern Gaelic awareness which succeeds in maintaining a contemporary expressive strength and to create also a context for works of art which overlap and inter react with a technological vanguard.

Artists include: Bernadette Cotter, Frances Hegarty, Oona Hyland, Ian Joyce, Ursula Kavanagh, Sarah Lewtas, Maggie Madden, Kevin McGee, Caroline Patten, Kevin Quille, Una Ní Shé, Siobhán & Colin Russell.