Branar, in association with The Gombeens, presents



Directed by Marc Mac Lochlainn
With Miquel Barceló, Jonathan Gunning, Morgan Cooke (music)

Two boys meet. One is Irish. One is from Catalunya. One speaks Gaeilge. The other Catalan. One is forward, the other shy. While one is messy, the other is neat. Together they must overcome their differences to have the craic, to share their lunch and toys without upturning each other's world.
A clash of personalities has been at the centre of the work of a number of playwrights but rarely has it been as much fun as Branar's Spraoi.

“Laugh out loud funny but also genuinely affecting. (…) This is an incredibly well observed and detailed piece of theatre, whose success at connecting with its audience is seen not just in the children. (…) This is top class theatre for any age: Don't miss it.”
(Irish Theatre Magazine)

Adults are also welcome at this fun event; don’t worry about understanding the language!

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