In conjonction with the Périphérie du Marché de la Poésie

Niwel Tsumbu’s Multiverse

and poets Kevin Barrington, Caya Makele, Maurice Ndebecka, Gabriel Okoundji

Niwel Tsumbu’s Multiverse

Ireland was chosen as country of honour for the 2013 Marché de la Poésie et sa Périphérie; this year it is the Congo region that is celebrated. The CCI is delighted to present an eclectic evening of poetry and jazz, featuring Congolese-Irish Niwel Tsumbu and his band The Multiverse, poets from the Congo region and Irish poet Kevin Barrington, whose time in the Congo has permeated his writing. As well as performing music from his electric jazz-rock trio project with bassist Peter Erdei and drummer Shane O'Donovan, Tsumbu will perform new music composed for the festival with lyrics provided by visiting Congolese poets. A well-known figure in music circles in Ireland since he arrived in 2004, Tsumbu’s unique idiom of Congolese soukous, jazz, electric rock and classical guitar, his dazzling improvisations and the intensity and passion with which he delivers make him quite remarkable.

Detailed programme of the Marché et sa Périphérie :

Niwel Tsumbu will also perform at Place St-Sulpice on the opening evening of the Marché de la Poésie, 11 June (admission free), at the Bpi-Centre Pompidou on 16 June and at Maison de la Poésie on 19 June.

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