The New Theatre presents

Madame de Markievicz on Trial

Madame de Markievicz on Trial

Written by Ann Matthews
Directed and produced by Anthony Fox
Performed by Barbara Dempsey, Neill Fleming, Andrea Kelly, Amy O’Dwyer, Ian Meehan, Síofra O’Meara

Drawn from actual testimonies, this historical drama is an intriguing take on one of Ireland’s most famed women, Countess Constance de Markievicz. The year is 1917 and the Countess is on trial for the murder of a young and unarmed policeman, whom she is alleged to have shot during the Easter Rising. Bringing this charge, the (fictional) prosecutor William May calls a series of witnesses to the stand in order to ensure her imprisonment. He trawls through details of the Countess’s life from the year of her birth to the present in order to challenge the one-dimensional iconic figure that has been nurtured by post-1916 propaganda. The audience constitutes the jury… and will decide on the verdict of guilty or innocent.

“This performance will undoubtedly prove popular among theatre enthusiasts and historians alike.”
(The Public Reviews)
“An imaginative cracker of a play, skillfully structured and acted with the kind of passion the subject needs.”
(**** Mail on Sunday)
“Barbara Dempsey delivers a strong and engaging performance, expertly highlighting the enigmatic Countess’s various eccentricities.”

Performance dedicated to Richard Ryan