Festival Jazzycolors - Bourne Davis Kane

Festival Jazzycolors - Bourne Davis Kane

These two concerts (Mary Coughlan et Bourne Davis Kane) form part of the 10th Jazzycolors (6-30 Nov 12). This festival is organised by foreign cultural centres in Paris, presenting the best national jazz musicians and groups to the French public.

With Matthew Bourne (piano), Steve Davis (drums), Dave Kane (double bass)

Improvising jazz piano trio Bourne Davis Kane abhor complacency. Their desire to really connect with an audience is palpable in everything they do. They demand not just attention but engagement too. These three musical partners commit themselves totally to the performance. The trio’s members are all adventurous musicians and composers in their own right. Alone, they have wowed critics, broken boundaries and challenged conventions. Together, they have produced albums which pool their unique resources to create an admirably unified sound. Speaking about the trio’s 2010 release The Money Notes The Jazz Man had this to say “Its humour is tempered with experimentation; its irreverence with impeccable musicianship. I can’t imagine ever tiring of it”.

Detailed programme for the festival: www.jazzycolors.net

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