By and with Alice Chéné

CCI is delighted to host two shows presented by our neighbours, the theatre of puppetry Le Mouffetard, as part of the festival Scènes ouvertes à l’insolite which takes place from 7 to 15 October 2016. This year’s festival is organised around itineraries through the 5th, 6th and 20th arrondissements of Paris allowing audiences to see two or three shows at a time by contemporary puppeteers.

The evening had started out so well with Ludo… but when one of them choked on a bone, everything started to unravel. Devotion and betrayal, admiration and jealousy, this story plunges us into the heart of a tormented friendship. A solo show adapted from a short-story by Nicole Caligaris.

Image: ©Christophe Loiseau

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