Citizen Lane

Citizen Lane

In the presence of the director Thaddeus O’Sullivan and historian Roy Foster

Citizen Lane combines drama and documentary to tell the story of art collector, dealer, philanthropist and gallery director Hugh Lane. Founder of The Municipal Gallery of Modern Art in 1908 (now Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane), Lane had what could be called a contrary personality: snobbish and egalitarian, frugal and generous, cerebral and yet unable to articulate his thoughts. Renowned actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor plays the lead role in the dramatic scenes of the film which director Thaddeus O'Sullivan has intercut with contributions by historians Roy Foster and Paul Rouse, and art historian Morna O’Neill.

On Wednesday 6 February, Roy Foster will give a lecture Doors into the Dark: Seamus Heaney and his Worlds further details

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