Written and performed Noni Stapleton
Directed Bairbre Ní Chaoimh

Charolais is an age old tale of female rivalry with a new twist: the other woman is a cow, literally, a purebred Charolais heifer. Siobhán’s boyfriend is a farmer who devotes considerable attention to his prize heifer at the expense of his very pregnant girlfriend. Siobhán has developed a homicidal jealousy of this Charolais and is feeling equally murderous towards her snobbish soon-to-be mother-in-law. A dark comedy of love and longing; rarely in Irish theatre are the challenges of farming life and the joy of sex expressed so frankly or with such charm.

“A fast-paced, witty, and intensely emotional tale filled with laughter, loss and despair.” (**** The Irish Times)

“Noni Stapleton’s hilarious take on rural life and love is a paradox: superficially crude, it’s full of wisdom and tenderness, and manages to throw in a fair sprinkling of compassion and forgiveness along the way.” (Sunday Independent)

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