Chapel Sessions: Ye Vagabonds & Anderson

Chapel Sessions: Ye Vagabonds & Anderson

Ye Vagabonds

Poised to bring out their first album, Diarmuid and Brian MacGloinn have already won the admiration of Irish audiences, musicians and industry folk alike. The duo has played Other Voices along with numerous festivals and shows throughout Ireland and the UK. After a chance meeting at their Electric Picnic gig, Ye Vagabonds most recently came to the attention of Glen Hansard who immediately invited the pair to join him on his recent European tour.



This Dubliner’s carefully crafted material accomplishes the rare feat of conveying contemplative, personal sentiments through classic pop melodies. Anderson’s video documenting the journey from building his own studio to selling his debut album 'Patterns' door-to-door reached an on-line audience last year of over 100,000 people. Performances on primetime television and radio followed, as well as ringing endorsements from some of Ireland's most esteemed music journalists and broadcasters:
“A work of grand beauty” (The Irish Times);
“An incredibly lush, gorgeous sounding record” (The Irish Mirror);
“Thoughtful, articulate, well constructed” (The Sunday Times).

Image: Diarmuid & Brían Mac Gloinn et Daniel Anderson

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