Anne Madden

Anne Madden

Anne Madden Winged FigureAnne Madden was born of Irish and Anglo-Chillian parents, and studied at Oxford and the Chelsea School of Art in London.  Having lived for many years in the South of France, she now lives in Dublin.  Madden represented Ireland in the Biennale de Paris in 1965, and has exhibited regularly in Paris ever since; she exhibits widely internationally, and her work is represented in international and museum collections worldwide.

Immensely influenced by Abstract Expressionism, Madden's work has characteristic sumptuous colour and texture, the movement and the emotion is palpable.  Returning again and again to the theme of journey, Madden expresses flight, movement and exploration.  The spectator is plunged into the deep colour - outside of the linear, outside of time and space, outside of history.  The classical references buoy the spectator up, confronted with their purest experience, those past, present and still to come.  

Winged Figure is made up of 6 paintings, where a winged figure falls or flies through the terrain of the golden colour of the canvas - the viewer must decide.  A Space of Time is a group of paintings that depicts a flight; Aurora b. 2004 - another journey of the passage of light.  The mood is of Restlessness through a transcendent colour field.

A second series of paintings A Space of Time is a series of 12, and is taken from a phrase the artist found in Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks, and contains an image of a bird making its trajectory across the 12 canvases.

Image:  Anne Madden Winged Figure 2004 photo ©Michel Chasset

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