Installation conçue et réalisée pour le Centre Culturel Irlandais.

Anne Clery et Dennis Connolly


Anne Clery et Dennis Connolly

Following on from their award-winning series Scènes du Boulevard, these Irish video artists continue their colourful exploration of their immediate Parisian environment with rvb. Capturing and recounting the sinister, intriguing or joyful elements that make up life, the project's approach is intimate yet far-reaching in its implications.

rvb tells the story of three events which took place over three years in the building where the artists live on Boulevard Barbès in Paris. The stories explore one place in three different scales of time and space. Each is about a couple: René and Claire, Véra and Igor, Bo and Lotti.

r is a murder story
v is a nature story
b is a children's story

Each story is illustrated by video, audio and printed material recounting fragments of the events.

This multi-faceted installation is specially designed by the artists to occupy the varied spaces of the Centre Culturel Irlandais. The audio material is created in collaboration with the sound artist Dinahbird.

Project supported by the Mairie de Paris, Département de l'art dans la ville

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