Peter Murray

A History of Irish Art 6

The Unexpected Idea and its Realisation: Patrick Ireland/Brian O’Doherty, Michael Craig-Martin

A History of Irish Art 6

Brian O’Doherty and Michael Craig-Martin are two Irish artists who have achieved international recognition for their work - both cross many boundaries - and as key supporters of new forms of contemporary art: Patrick Ireland/Brian O’Doherty as an author, activist and with the National Endowment for the Arts in the USA; Michael Craig-Martin as an inspiring tutor, in particular at Goldsmith’s College in London, arguably leading him to become the most influential figure behind the Young British Artists.

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Image: Brian O’Doherty, The doors to good and evil and the windows to heaven—Christina’s World, Rope Drawing # 124, 2015 Nylon cord, water-based house paint. Collection of Irish Museum of Modern Art.
Photography: Denis Mortell Photography