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Are you a teacher or librarian? You can borrow our Teachers’ Pack.

Our Teachers’ Pack is a selection of items available to lend to schools, teaching staff and school librarians for free, for a limited period of time. It focuses on Ireland and its culture and can be borrowed in the context of an educational project organised within your school.

Its contents include numerous resources in French and in English. Worksheets, books, CDs, CD-Roms, and DVDs concerning a variety of themes: civilisation, literature, arts, language, cinema, music... These can be adapted for all age groups.

To reserve the Teachers’ Pack or for information:
Marion Mossu, Assistant librarian
Centre Culturel Irlandais, 5 rue des Irlandais 75005 PARIS. Tel : 01 58 52 10 83 / 30

Lending conditions:
The loan is free
Deposit: €50 / pack
The pack must be borrowed from and returned to the Médiathèque of the Centre Culturel Irlandais :
5 rue des Irlandais 75005 PARIS.
One-month loan

Please make sure you return all items in the pack (books, CDs, DVDs…) and report any loss or damage. Missing items penalize the following borrowers.
All items have a “Centre Culturel Irlandais” sticker to identify them and to avoid confusing them with your own.
The pack is designed to be used in your school, please do not lend or copy the items it contains.


PDF list of the contents →


  • Beginners Guide to Ireland. London : Demon Music Group, 2005. 3 CDs showing the evolution of traditional and folk Irish music since 1960.
  • Les Légendes du Rock irlandais / Quimper : Keltia Musique, 2004. Irish rock singers and bands groups + DVD of the short film “Sightings of Bono”.


  • Irlande(s) : l'aube d'un pays / Emmanuel Hamon. What's Up Films / Arte, 2016. In French.
  • Bloody Sunday / Paul Greengrass. Haut et Court distribution, 2002. In English or French, French subtitles.
  • Irish Talent on Film: 3 / The Irish Film Board, 2001 (2 DVDs of Irish short films). In English without subtitles or in Irish with English subtitles.


  • Short Stories / Oscar Wilde. Gênes : Black Cat, 1994. (CD + text book with work sheets) In English.


  • Facts about Ireland. Dublin : The Department of Foreign Affairs, 2001. In English.
  • Irlande : Terre des Celtes / Pierre Joannon, Seamas Daly. Rennes : Editions Ouest-France, 2001. In French.
  • A Short History of Ireland / Richard Killeen. Dublin : Gill and Mcmillan, 2006. In English.
  • Le Goût de Dublin / Jean-Pierre Kremer, Alain Pozzuoli. Paris : Mercure de France, 2006. In French.
  • Poètes d'Irlande du Nord / Seamus Heaney, John Montague etc. Thaon : Amiot-Lengenay,1991. In French and English.
  • Exploring the Book of Kells / George Otto Simms. Dublin : The O'Brien Press, 1988. In English.
  • Francis Bacon's Studio at the Hugh Lane / Barbara Dawson. Dublin : Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, 2001. In English.
  • Irish art from 1600 to the present day / Anne O Crookshank. Dublin :The Department of Foreign Affairs, 1983. In English.
  • L'Irlandais de poche / Ciaran Mac Guill. Chennevieres-sur-Marne : Assimil, 2003. In French


  • Celtic Decorative Art: a Living Tradition / Deborah O’Brien. Dublin : The O’Brien Press, 2000. In English.
  • Ireland in brief / Ministère des Affaires Etrangères, 2014. In English. 


  • Map Literary Ireland / Office National du Tourisme Irlandais. In French.
  • Dublin City of Words, from the Irish Times 29 September 2010. In French.
  • Article Irish Writers Today, from the magazine “New Standpoints”. In English.
  • Worksheet The Great Hunger, from the magazine “New Standpoints”. In English.
  • Article The Peace Process in Northern Ireland, from the magazine “New Standpoints”. In English.
  • L'Irlande: Patrick, Patron de l'Irlande / Department of Foerign Affairs of Ireland. In French.
  • L'Irlande: Le folklore en Irlande / Department of Foerign Affairs of Ireland. In French.
  • Educational kit on the film “Bloody Sunday”. In English.


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